Alternatives to Dropbox

There will always be a leader in any field of life but holding on to the number 1 spot is a tough assignment. Such a leader in the cloud space is Dropbox. However, after many data breaches and the desire of the clients to have more than one free account, people started looking for an alternative on the market of storing files.

  1. – The top priority for this file storage platform is security and privacy. It offers encryption, so only you have access to your files. If you want someone else to have access to your records, you can enable this by sending them a link to use. You can also password protected the device itself – if you are using both mobile and PC, you can lock the mobile device access from the PC. This platform gives you the chance to try it for free and see for yourself that there are no limits on the number of files, the size of the data, or the number of people you will share your files with. There is a “refer a friend” bonus granting additional GB storage for you and the friend that has joined. is cheaper than Dropbox; however, it is slower when transferring data.


  1. pCloud – Again, here the most important thing is security but also a variety of features. Same as for, you can get additional GBs for each friend you have referred, and to share your files with somebody, you need to share a link with them. But its storage space is more than Dropbox’s and to have the encryption option you need to pay for it. Another useful feature of pCloud is that the changes you make to a file can be restored to any of the previous versions you want. With pCloud, it is easy to free up space on your mobile device due to the option to automatically download files from it to the cloud. And the best part for us is the Family Plan – it gives unlimited access to your family members to the file storage, so there is no need to send a link every time there are photos from an occasion you want to share with them.


  1. OneDrive – With this cloud storage, we have the same focus on security, hence, the availability of encryption options and the option to share a link with people to view the files. Professionals use it for business cooperation, and if you have Windows 10 on your PC, there is no need to install any file storage platform because OneDrive is already there for you. In the business world, it is also used to back up files and does not lose your files when you have your Windows upgraded or your PC changed.


It is good that each cloud storage allows a free trial before you decide to use it or pay for any additional features it offers. The other beneficial thing of all platforms is that they all have an authentication program to identify fraudulent activity and prevent your user ID and password from being stolen.