Alternatives to Google Apps

If you are using Android, then you will have the Google Play Store already installed on your device. Even though you can find almost any app on this store, depending on different factors, there could be some features or apps that are not available hence the need to look for an alternative. Below you can find three of the best sources to try, but due to Google policy regarding 3rd party stores, you will need to enable the setting “Unknown sources” from your mobile device’s menu.

  1. Aptoide – This is probably the best alternative to Google play store used to download different apps. For Aptoide, security comes first. If you need to pay for an app to download and use it, you can do that with AppCoins Cryptocurrency. This software gives you a specific version for your mobile or tablet, another one on your TV, and another one for kids. The good thing about this marketplace is that you can have more than one store without additional steps to allow this. With Google Store, this is not available – it even prevents you from having 3rd party stores with a warning message that if you install the Aptoide store, you will harm your device.


  1. APKMirror – If you cannot download an app from Google store, you can do that on APKMirror, and you can do it very quickly. To ensure safety, there is an automatic cryptographic signature check for the apps to make sure they are original and not fake. You don’t need to have a registration to download apps from this distributor. Besides, this site is excellent for users that want to download older versions of an app. One of the cons of this website is that you will be bothered by the ads popping up on your mobile.


  1. Amazon Appstore – Another one of the top alternatives to Google Play is Amazon Appstore because it gives you a great opportunity every day to download a premium app for free. Even if you are impatient and want to buy an app, the price will be much lower than on Google Play. There is no way you find an unsecured or damaged app published on this store because the apps are reviewed and ensured to be working properly before being uploaded to the marketplace. However, for any app to work, you first need to install the Appstore. Moreover, there are some other disadvantages of this store – the variety of apps is not as extensive as in the Google Play Store and updates happen slowly and rarely.

You can face setbacks when it comes to downloading apps on your device due to your location, Android version, type of phone, etc. You may have fewer choices if you live in China, for example, but in other cases, you will have plenty of options. Is your primary desire to have free apps or paid apps but at a discount? It is essential to identify your priorities, so you can choose the marketplace that will best fit your desires for mobile applications.