Alternatives to Mailchimp

Mailchimp is famous for its great reporting and secure emails. However, due to some of the changes recently, users started looking for alternatives that could offer automated features to cope with more complicated campaigns as well as better security, and all for less money. By comparing their prices, features, business size¸ customer support, and innovations, we have identified the below top alternatives to Mailchimp.

  1. SendInBlue – this provider offers plenty of different marketing tools like emails, SMS, CRM, and Facebook advertising. You can identify your target group with excellent reporting tools, and you can offer live chat to support these clients. By grouping the recipients into different segments, you can send the right emails and reach out to the right people. SendInBlue offers all of this at lower prices comparing to Mailchimp along with better automation tools. You pay more if you send more emails. However, even though there is no limit for the number of contacts, there is a limit for the number of emails you can send for free – 300 per day.


  1. GetResponse – with the great feature to create beautiful email designs and with the automation options, this platform is considered better than Mailchimp. However, you cannot use it for free, and there are limits for the number of files to save on your storage. This email newsletter service is most useful for growing businesses. It is user-friendly and compatible with both mobile and PC devices. Besides, with the improved segmentation of the audience, the product helps you analyze the data, personalize the emails, and send appropriate content to your subscribers. GetResponse has a strong focus on automation as well – you create several scenarios. You have your responses ready to be sent to your readers, depending on their response to your first email. This marketer also provides support to the clients via chat, email, and phone.


  1. Mailerlite – a tool that we can say has it all for you to improve your business and marketing strategy is Mailerlite. It is easy and quick when it comes to sending bulk emails. Along with email marketing, you can send PDF brochures to your list of clients. You have templates, editors, automation tools. Moreover, the reporting and analytics tools show you when and what the viewers like and dislike so you can segment the audience and send corresponding email content. This platform also supports the users 24/7 via all channels- chat, email, phone. The price is accurate to the offered features and is considered cheaper than Mailchimp.


If your business is small and your campaigns straight forward, you could stick to Mailchimp and keep it simple. If your business is growing, it’s worth checking all the benefits the other email marketing platforms have to offer so you can be more innovative and personalize your approach. To manage your customer expectations, you will need to think about changing the email marketer and the way you work by increasing the use of automated campaigns and reporting tools to be consistent about how you interact with the users and analyze methods of improvement.