Alternatives to VLC

Even though the VLC media player is one of the most popular ones, you need to be aware of the great alternatives on the market due to its disadvantages. If you have a damaged video, VLC won’t be capable of playing it. This media player cannot work with all types of files and formats. The Player can crash without warning when you want to go into full-screen mode.

  1. Real Player – with this media player, you can convert clips and various files in many audio and video formats. Then, you can send these to your friends on social media. Real Player is a flexible program because apart from the option of converting videos, you can also use it for creating playlists and record CDs or DVDs. The Player is available for your PC and mobile, hence, you can transfer files from one device to another. If you want the better version of Real Player, you can use the tool “RealTimes”. You can load your files to a cloud instead of a hard drive and play them on any device anytime you want. There is a possibility to create collages with videos or images. However, to possess this tool with its basic features, you need to register, and if you want the premium versions, you will need to pay some money.
  2. GOM Player – this is one of the best alternatives to VLC because it is easy for users, and it doesn't require you to install codecs separately as these come along with the app. The other great thing about this Player is that it automatically finds, downloads, and applies the appropriate for your video subtitles. You can also use your mobile device to control the app on your PC. This is quite the perk. The advantage that the GOM player has ahead of VLC is that it can play damaged videos, and there are constant technical updates.
  3. Media Player Classic – Home Cinema – This alternative works on older computers and plays massive files of various formats from both your PC and your phone. That’s because, like GOM Player, Media Player comes with the necessary codecs. Even though this software has all the features you need, its interface is straightforward and has minimum requirements. However, this Player is only available for Windows. The disadvantages of the app are related to the Stop button and the Navigation buttons. If you click Stop, the video won't continue from the time it stopped but will start from the beginning, and you need to use the Pause button instead. Also, the back and forth buttons act slower than on some other players.


Depending on your individual preference and maybe on the main problems you have experienced with the VLC media player, you can find the best alternative that will please your needs. One thing to tilt the scales could be your computer age, so it’s worth making a list with your requirements before you decide which Player to download now.