Alternatives to WeTransfer

It often happens that we need to share big files with people, and when we try to do that via email, we cannot, because of the size limitation. Then it comes the time when we identify the need for using cloud-based platforms, which allow us to share big data with many people at the same time. We knew WeTransfer as one of the most used cloud services until recently. Now, we better look at some alternative services.

  1. – with this tool, you can share files up to 6GB to a server with anyone around the world for three weeks. You can share the data by sending a link from the website to the recipients. It is a secure method to share or download files because you can encrypt the files you are sending. It is also more comfortable and faster than WeTransfer, and it doesn’t require registration. is a new service so the developers try to refresh and add new features to it over time, which makes users excited about it.


  1. Send Anywhere – it is an app with the same functions as WeTransfer but so much faster and flexible due to the possibility to share many files of any format instantly with the people you want without first adding them to the cloud. With Send Anywhere, you can send data without registering any of your details anywhere. All you need to have is a Wi-Fi connection, and the transfer happens with one click. There’s also a code you send to the peer you want to receive the file. All the above make the service reliable and secure, and you can use it from your mobile, tablet, or desktop. Even if you want to store a file, you can do that with this tool, but it will be uploaded only for 24 hours. There is one thing that we are not so happy about, and this is the limitation to the file size – 4GB.


  1. SendSpace – mainly professionals from big companies use this app for sharing files online, but it is available and useful for any regular person as well. It is of great use if you need to share extensive data – up to 10 GB or to download up to 300 GB. By getting a notification when the file is received, you keep track of it. We aren’t talking only about files that you can share but folders as well. Send a link for them and provide a password to the recipient to give them access to the file or folders – it’s as simple as that. Some of the features are available only if you have a registration, but it is not mandatory. If you need any help, you can take advantage of the online support this platform offers to help and guide you.


What is your main concern? Is it security, the ease of use, or the size of files? Find out, and you will quickly decide which file sharing service will best suit your needs.