Alternatives to Youtube

With this dynamic in social media growth, you never know when you will need an alternative to a software or an app to use for the purpose. It is good that with the internet nowadays, there is a variety of everything so you can always make a choice that fits your needs.

We will present you ten alternatives to the most popular site for video sharing – Youtube:

  1. DailyMotion – a video site where you can share a wide variety of content with fewer restrictions. Besides, there are videos you can enjoy without the annoying ad pop-ups.
  2. Vimeo – this is more like a professional site for sharing your content. Vimeo is used mainly by musicians, dancers, and other people of art who like to share their work. This portal is more for professional movie clips; it offers users great experience focusing on artistic videos without bothering them with any adds.
  3. Metacafe – if you are looking for fun and a quick review of a video, this platform is for you. The clips are not professional and are very short – around 90 seconds. However, this is the best place for the busiest people who want to view something regular and quick after a long and tiring day of work.
  4. IGTV – this is an abbreviated name for Instagram TV- a feature of the Instagram app. However, if you want to download a video, you can only do that on a desktop. The best thing about it is that it automatically shows you the videos created by anyone you followed on Instagram.
  5. DTube – this is an upgraded video site. You can watch the videos you want now or save them for later without being interrupted by advertising pop-ups. Moreover, if you load a video or comment on any of the videos, you can be rewarded with some cryptocurrency or cash.
  6. Veoh – this is another alternative for watching long videos, but you can also add contacts, create groups, and message the people from your contacts or groups.
  7. Internet Archive – with this app, you have the chance to filter and quickly find exactly what you are looking for, especially if it is an old one. You may also upload your videos and be part of the vast archive available to so many people.
  8. 9GagTV – If you like spending your time on Facebook and Twitter, you will also enjoy this platform for sure. It possesses endless funny images, memes, movies, and videos.
  9. The Open Video Project – the opposite of the funny one above, this portal is for those you would like to educate themselves with documentary videos.
  10. Facebook's Search Option – even though this field is used mainly for finding people's names, it is elementary to find all kinds of videos. All you need to do is type a keyword in the search field. You will find a variety of videos that could be both funny and educational – an option that is missing in the above nine alternatives.


There is a video platform for everyone, depending on their needs and preferences.